Shall we talk

At Spa Counselling you will be listened and related to in a non-judgemental, empathic and confidential environment. You will be helped to understand yourself better and engage in a process to take back control of you; the ‘you’ whom you want to be.

There are many reasons why you may wish to speak with a counsellor but a desire for some ‘change’ is usually present within our clients. There may be something about you which is being carried from past experiences, feelings about yourself such as low self-worth, or anxiety brought on by relationships with others or circumstances surrounding you which seem to be prevailing an assault on you. You may be suffering from depression or, fears which are seemingly taking control of you. Addictions or obsessions are also common reasons for our working with clients.

Taking that first step in the counselling process, to come and talk, is usually the hardest one to take. We will attempt to put you at ease from the first meeting so that you can share freely within a confidential environment. You will feel safe and welcome enabling you to express yourself and commence the therapy process.

First Step

Our initial meeting will include an assessment meeting which will allow sufficient time for us to appraise you and your situation and for you to see if you wish to work with Spa Counselling. If we are happy to work together, we will then commence meetings, usually once or twice a week in the early days but might change to a different periodic basis later. We believe that you hold the ‘key’ to changing you and how you feel about yourself and your life. Our job is to bring the torch and help you look and find.

Let’s chat about you and your situation. Call Kevin on 07306 009222